Adrasan Suluada Yacht Tour

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From Adrasan to Antalya's Maldives! 

From Adrasan to Antalya's Maldives! 

Day 1: Adrasan Suluada Yacht Tour

If you are on holiday in Adrasan, boat tours are one of the must-haves. Of course, enjoy the uniquely beautiful sea of Adrasan bay, but don't let this fool you. Because the real beauty is in the little discovered. In other words, you can swim in Adrasan, but when you see the bays around Adrasan, you will understand what the sea means much better. 

Day 1: Adrasan Suluada Yacht Tour

  • Transfers - Transfers are made from different points of Antalya between 07:00 - 08:00. 

  • Getting to Adrasan - Around 10:00 Adrasan is reached and the boat is known. 

  • Boat Tour - Between 10:15 - 17:30, you can enjoy the sea and the sun all day long on the boat tour in Suluada. 

  • Return to Antalya - Departure from Adrasan at around 18:00 and return to Antalya around 20:30. 

1 Days Tour

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Tour Cost:

€ 40